Storie Americane @ Sala1 in Rome, Italy

Storie Americane: Stephanie Williams, Naoko Wowsugi, Elizabeth Acevedo

Curated by Allison Nance

Where: Sala 1, Piazza di Porta San Giovanni 10, Roma

When: March 20 ‐ April 15, 2019 (Tuesday to Saturday from 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm)
Opening Reception: Saturday March 23 2019 – 4.30 to 8 pm

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 5.46.44 PM.png

In partnership with International Arts & Artists, presents Storie Americane: Stephanie Williams, Naoko Wowsugi, Elizabeth Acevedo, curated by Allison Nance and supported by DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities' Sister Cities Grant Program, an agency supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts,
and with the patronage of the United States Embassy to Italy. Using video installation, photography, and poetry, this exhibition brings together three Washington, DC artists to share work on gender, ethnicity, and the
immigrant experience in America.

THE FUNGUS AMONG US: Our Mycelium Connection @ Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, SC

Place: Redux Contemporary Art Center, Charleston, SC
When: Thursday, March 14th through Saturday, March 23rd, 2019

Produced by Enough Pie


THE FUNGUS AMONG US: Our Mycelium Connection  Led by DC-based artist Naoko Wowsugi, the community will create a mushroom-themed meditational planetarium and community mapping project at REDUX Contemporary Art Center for AWAKENING: NOURISH. Artists Mikki Blackmon & Deborah Donovan Rice will fabricate the planetarium ceiling with their incredible textiles and help from Enough PiePs knitting circle, while Ms. Wowsugi will create a video installation to project bringing to life the incredible secret superpowers of fungi. Collaborations with school students from James Simmons Elementary and Meeting Street Academy to fabricate mushrooms, and partnership with local experts will inform the installation. Connections with “invisible” threads for communicating across the space, and an unami-themed tasting will be part of this fun and festive installation. Programming throughout this 10 day show is being scheduled. If you want to collaborate, please let us know! Special thanks to Technical Event Company, The City of Charleston Department of Cultural Affairs, and The Post and Courier Foundation for support of this installation.

Mikki Blackman, Fiber Artist
Deborah Donovan-Rice, Fiber Artist
Valerie Wiseman, Mycorocosmos Main Visual Illustrator
Georgie Payne, Mycorocosmos Co-Scriptor
Matt Cohen, Music and Sound Design
Sage Dakota Graham, Bus Stop Artist
Heather Thornton, Bus Stop Artist
Todd St. Onge, Technical Event Company
Rosemary Giusti Dillon, Sculptor, Tua Lingua
Jennifer Murphy, Street Creatures Asheville
Mia Loia, Painter
Katie Petterson, Illustrator
Cara Ernst, James Simons Teacher, Artist & Organizer
Lindsay Huggins, James Simons & Meeting Street Academy Art Teacher
Sharon Beeson, James Simons Teacher
Pamella Gibbs, James Simons Teacher
Jennifer Savage, James Simons Teacher
Rene Souther, James Simons Teacher
Milissa Stooks, James Simons Teacher
Smarel Nicole Brown, Nutritionist & Restaurant Owner
Celie Daily, Botanist
Sebastian DeModica, EP Volunteer
Radia Heyward, Charleston Promise Neighborhood & Steering Committee
Yana King, First African Childhood Development Center
Jimmy Livingston, Mepkin Abbey Farmer
Brian Wheat, Agricultural Expert &
Liz Wuestefeld, John L. Dart Librarian
Elijah Williamson Rose, Mycorocosmos Narration
Stacy Schuur, Biologist & Yoga Facilitator, Mediation Narration
Luna Bui, Mycorocosmos Editor
Nollan O’Reilly, Mycorocosmos Editor
Kasey Sullivan, Two River Gourmet Mushrooms Mycological Advisor
Tradd Cotter, Mushroom Mountain Mycological Advisor
Antonius-Tin Bui, Illustration Assistant
Brennan Hatton, Digital Art Advisor
Amanda Willes, Special Assistant
Victor Zordan, Special Effect Support
Diante Gibbs, St. Julian Devine Community Center Manager

Enough Pie Knitting Circle: Beverly Bruck, Jill Conway, Christine Cronin, Erika Dinermann, Gita Garritano, Kathleen Gunning, Ryann Lyden, Raquel Quiroz, Brenda Shokes and Loquita Williams

Enough Pie: Cathryn Davis, Bennett Jones and Kate Nevin

Redux Contemporary Art Center: Cara Leepson, Greg Colleton and Megan Collier-Bansil

...and many more! Thanks to EVERYONE who made THE FUNGUS AMONG US!

Open Studio DC closing event

Place: Open Studio DC at 1135 Okie street, NE Washington DC

When: Friday, October 5, 2018 from 7pm till 11pm.


Join for Open Studio DC, yet another artist run studio closing. Throughout the night Amber Wolf’s Hair Salon “Feel So Fine” will help fundraising and giving out haircuts for @_nomu.nomu_ upcoming project for against really crazy over-development in DC. Come get haircuts and learn about the project!!!!! Music will 🔥 and there will be a collaborative installation with @lordyko💰 plus many limited edition prints and very very limited edition capsule items for sale!

The Umami Taste Development Center in Asbury Park, NJ!

Place: 2nd Avenue Beach, Asbury Park, NJ
When: Thursday, August 2, 2018 from 7:30 pm

Hosted by Siren Arts


Umami (/uˈmɑːmi/) is one of the five basic tastes. Umami was first identified by Japanese scientist, Kikunae Ikeda in 1908. He found that glutamate was responsible for the palatability of the broth made from seaweed. For The Umami Taste Development Center, each participant will get Umami training through a group meditation. Through the experience of stimulating our taste buds and epiphanic realizations, we can then channel other senses opening new avenues of appreciation for the universe.

Open Engagement 2018 "Sustainability"@ Queens Museum!

Place: Queens Museum, Queens NY
From  May 11–13, 2018



Presentation: Cultivating DC through Permacounterculture

Panels: Nicole Dowd, SarahO’Donoghue, Tef Reese and Naoko Wowsugi

Taking its namesake from ‘permaculture’—an ecological approach characterized by ethical self-sufficiency—“Permacounterculture” synthesized punk music, urban farming, and diverse communities to advocate for food justice in rapidly gentrifying Washington DC. Through an introduction of the project, its collaborative processes, and its community- driven outcomes, the team will discuss how the work catalyzed local subcultures in addition to strategies for supporting sustainable social practices.

BABBLE @ Gallery CA!

Place: Gallery CA, Baltimore, MD!
From March 2 - March 29, 2018

Curator: Yuzhuo (Mark) Zhang



The Outwin : American Portraiture Today @ Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art!

Place: Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, MO

From October 5, 2017 – January 7, 2018

Photo by  Tal Wilson ,  Tal was my photography professor at KCAI and he taught me how to photograph everything as well as the word “Caucasian.” He brought his students to the museum! So sweet!

Photo by Tal Wilson
Tal was my photography professor at KCAI and he taught me how to photograph everything as well as the word “Caucasian.” He brought his students to the museum! So sweet!

Artists-in-Residence @The Rauschenberg Residency in Captiva, FL!

Residency: June 5- July 7, 2017

"The Rauschenberg Residency is a creative center that welcomes artists of all disciplines from around the world to live, work, and create. The residency is located on Robert Rauschenberg’s former property on Captiva Island, Florida, where he lived and worked for nearly four decades. The facility, which includes the 8,000-square-foot studio Rauschenberg built in 1992 and a collection of historic homes and studio spaces, is infused with beauty and tranquility and marked by its unique history. "

More info:

‘Ae Kai: A Culture Lab on Convergence presented by Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center in Honolulu, HI!

More info:  Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center

Place: Former site of Foodland at Ala Moana in Honolulu, HAWAIʻI

From July 7-9, 2017 11AM - 9PM

‘Ae Kai is a thread which brings together elements stretching from mountain to ocean and serving as a gathering place for conversations and convergence to occur. Traditionally in Hawaiʻi, some of the most important conversations are held at ‘Ae Kai when the sun is up and the waves are out.

With this in mind, the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center is pleased to present ʻAe Kai: A Culture Lab on Convergence on July 7-9, 2017 in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. ʻAe Kai will take place in the former site of Foodland in Ala Moana Center, an 18,000 sq ft supermarket situated in the neighborhood between Waikiki and Kaka‘ako, and will explore the meeting points of humanity and nature in Hawaiʻi, the Pacific Islands and beyond.

The Outwin : American Portraiture Today @Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA!

INVEST @ Paragraph Gallery, Kansas City, MO!

Place: Paragraph Gallery, Kansas City, MO

From October 27 - December 3, 2016

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 27th. 5:30-8pm

"INVEST" celebrates the investment that artists in the inaugural Urban Culture Project Studio Residency made in their work, as well as the culture of downtown Kansas City. The artists selected for this exhibition are all former UCP Bank studio residents that have taken their work and careers in divergent directions, but each demonstrates a level of commitment and focus on their artistic practice that has proven to have paid off.

Permacounterculture @ Hamiltonian gallery

Place: Hamiltonian Gallery, Washington, DC

From August 13 - September 10, 2016

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 13th. 630-10pm


Taking its namesake from the notion of 'Permaculture', an agricultural system characterized by its reciprocal self-sufficiency and community ethics, this exhibition creates a unique ecosystem revolving around the U Street community, DC's punk scene and urban farming

Hamiltonian Gallery will be transformed into a music venue, in which a series of punk shows will be hosted inside a garage-like structure that doubles as a greenhouse for growing wheatgrass.  Sound waves from the punk music coupled with the increased exhalation of carbon dioxide from the showgoers will circulate air around the plants. In return, the plants will accelerate the production of oxygen for the punk celebration. The plants will then be converted into nutritious wheatgrass shots that will be offered to the public on a weekly basis.

By drawing from the shared intensity and raw energy of wheatgrass and punk culture, “Permacounterculture” highlights the mutually beneficial ecosystem formed by the two, which in turn extends to our everyday life. Simultaneously, we inclusively energize the wider DC community as they partake in the holistic benefits of this communal wheatgrass shot.


The Permacounterculture punk show series will be open to all ages. Doors at 6:30PM, shows 7:00PM. Suggested donation of $5 - 10 for local bands is appreciated.


Thursday, August 25 : EARTH GIRLS + SEM HASTRO + BBC

Friday, September 9 : VIDEO PRICKS + IRON CAGES + 1 more TBA


Project Management by: Nicole Dowd and Rebekah Pineda

Contributions by: 
Sarah O'Donoghue, Chris Moore, Kohei Urakami, Alexander Dowd, Sarah Puralewski, Tef Reese, Emanuel Cooper, Beck Levy, Hannah Eliasoph, Kenzi Waddell, Hillary Rochon, Andy Clark, Joana Stilwell, Farrah Skeiky, Joseph Shaikewitz and many more!

Support from:  
The Awesome Foundation DC
City Orchard: Bread for the City
DC Punk Archive
Damaged City

In-Kind Support from
Washington Project for the Arts  
The Home Depot (Rhode Island Ave, DC)
&Pizza (U street, DC)
Mellow Mushroom (Adams Morgan, DC)
Timber Pizza Co.

The Outwin 2016: American Portraiture Today @National Portrait Gallery

Place: National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC
From March 12, 2016 - January 8, 2017    

The Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition invited artists from across the country to submit their best works in the art of portrayal. The dazzling variety of media and diverse approaches to the exploration of "self" and "other" challenge preconceived notions of portraiture and expand visitors’ imaginations. This competition and resulting exhibition "The Outwin2016: American Portraiture Today" will showcase excellence and innovation with a strong focus on the variety of portrait media used by artists today.

Fellows Converge: re: gift @ Hamiltonian gallery

Place: Hamiltonian Gallery in Washington, DC
From November 14 - December 19. 2015    
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 14 from 7-9pm

 Featuring new work by Nancy Daly, Lisa Dillin, Dan Perkins,
Will Schneider-White, Allison Spence, Dane Winkler, and Naoko Wowsugi.

Fellows Converge is an annual exercise in which Hamiltonian Fellows create new work around the premise of an invited guest curator. This year, we invited Jennie Carlisle, Program Director at Elsewhere, a living museum inside a three story thrift store in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The exhibition largely examines the multifacetedness of objects; their assigned usages; and how an object’s meaning can shift depending on context, ownership, and history. Hamiltonian’s artists spent a weekend at Elsewhere partaking in activities that allowed them to consider how objects mediate our experiences; function in our daily lives as objects of history, memory, and utility; and contribute to identity. 

Following the visit, Carlisle assigned the seven participating artists with the following directive:
Step 1: Give a gift. Make it meaningful. Wrap it nicely.
Step 2: Receive a gift.
Step 3: Create a new artwork based on the gift.

The result is an exhibition that challenges each artist with the exchange of objects whose meanings emanate from their personal use and existing significance. When gifted to a fellow artist, these earlier meanings take on new associations as personal connections re-define how the thing is subsequently perceived and deployed. Here, a mouse trap, a memoir, a cassette tape, a sonic amplifier, a stamp collection, a souvenir, and a bottle of whiskey all undergo a semantic shift, spurring original paintings, sculptures, and installations that record these re-assigned possibilities.


Project 837: Home and Homelessness, Part 2 @ VisArts, Rockville

Place:  VisArts, Rockville, MD

Open: October 28  through December 13, 2015

Opening Reception: Friday, October 30,  7 - 9 PM


Project 837, Part 2 is an exhibition series* designed to start a conversation about the definition of home and homelessness. The exhibition brings together a diverse group of contemporary artists, the public, activists and organizers for workshops, gallery exhibition and symposium. 

***The number 837 refers to the space, in square meters, that each homeless person could occupy if Baltimore’s vacant buildings were renovated into adequate housing. The figure is equivalent to 9,009 square feet per person.


COME BACK TO ROCKVILLE!  is a two-person socially engaged art project with Graham Coreil-Allen, curated by Laura Roulet and sponsored by VisArts at Rockville, MD and the Windgate Charitable Foundation

Wednesday, September 2  to  Sunday, October 18, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday, September 4 ! 

Happy Happy Happy Hour

                                                                                      Photo credit: Esther Hur

Personal Tour and Conversation with Naoko Wowsugi

Happy Happy Happy Hour 

Wednesday, February 4 from 6 - 8 pm

Wednesday, February 11 from 6 - 8 pm

An after-hours viewing of  "Assignment: Happy Birthday" featuring work from Wowsugi's students from 2011 through 2014.

Light refreshments will be served.