Year: 2016

Press:  PLANTPOP by Leon Guantón,  WAMU by Ally Schweitzer,  Washingtonian by Sarah Stodder,  SHIFT by Fuyumi Saito,  DC Music Download by Jordan Snowden,  Washington City Paper by Capps, Kriston,  Washington Post by Mark Jenkins,  Riot Fest  and  On Tap Magazine

Description: Taking its namesake from the notion of 'Permaculture', an agricultural system characterized by its reciprocal self-sufficiency and community ethics, Permacounterculture creates a unique ecosystem revolving around DC's punk scene and urban farming.

A garage-like structure that doubles as a greenhouse for growing wheatgrass turns into a music venue in which a series of punk shows will be hosted inside. Sound waves from the punk music, coupled with the increased exhalation of carbon dioxide from the showgoers, will circulate air around the plants. In return, the plants will accelerate the production of oxygen for the punk celebration. Permacounterculture finds its momentum once the wheatgrass is juiced into free shots that energize the performers, the audience, and the wider DC community as a whole.


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