The Umami Taste Development Center

Launched: 2018

Umami (/uˈmɑːmi/) is one of the five basic tastes. At The Umami Taste Development Center, each participant receive ‘Umami training’ through a group meditation. The experience of stimulating our taste buds and epiphanic realizations, we can then channel other senses opening new avenues of appreciation for the universe.

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Partnership with Marilyn Schossbach (Langosta Lounge) and Merrick Farms

Meditation Guru by Maggie Stultz-O'Brien
Tomato & Seaweed Guru by Marilyn Schossbach
Mushroom Guru by Kasey Sullivan
Lobster Guru by Chuck Tomney
Ultimate Umami Guru by Jenny Vickers

Project assistants: George Payne, Alanna Reeves and Valerie Wiseman

Photographer: Ashley Rosas

Hosted by: Siren Arts and Monmouth Arts

Support from:  
Plastic Pollution Coalition
Clean Water Action
Rethink Disposable
The Asbury Hotel
The Andy Warhol Foundation
The National Endowment for the Arts’ Creativity Connects

Contributions: Olivia Fredrick and Matt Cohen