The Umami Taste Development Center

Launched: 2018

Umami (/uˈmɑːmi/) is one of the five basic tastes. At The Umami Taste Development Center, each participant receive ‘Umami training’ through a group meditation. The experience of stimulating our taste buds and epiphanic realizations, we can then channel other senses opening new avenues of appreciation for the universe.


Partnership with Marilyn Schossbach (Langosta Lounge) and Merrick Farms

Meditation Guru by Maggie Stultz-O'Brien
Tomato & Seaweed Guru by Marilyn Schossbach
Mushroom Guru by Kasey Sullivan
Lobster Guru by Chuck Tomney
Ultimate Umami Guru by Jenny Vickers

Project assistants: George Payne, Alanna Reeves and Valerie Wiseman

Photographer: Ashley Rosas

Hosted by: Siren Arts and Monmouth Arts

Support from:  
Plastic Pollution Coalition
Clean Water Action
Rethink Disposable
The Asbury Hotel
The Andy Warhol Foundation
The National Endowment for the Arts’ Creativity Connects

Contributions: Olivia Fredrick and Matt Cohen