THE FUNGUS AMONG US: Our Mycelium Connection @ Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, SC

Place: Redux Contemporary Art Center, Charleston, SC
When: Thursday, March 14th through Saturday, March 23rd, 2019

Produced by Enough Pie


THE FUNGUS AMONG US: Our Mycelium Connection  Led by DC-based artist Naoko Wowsugi, the community will create a mushroom-themed meditational planetarium and community mapping project at REDUX Contemporary Art Center for AWAKENING: NOURISH. Artists Mikki Blackmon & Deborah Donovan Rice will fabricate the planetarium ceiling with their incredible textiles and help from Enough PiePs knitting circle, while Ms. Wowsugi will create a video installation to project bringing to life the incredible secret superpowers of fungi. Collaborations with school students from James Simmons Elementary and Meeting Street Academy to fabricate mushrooms, and partnership with local experts will inform the installation. Connections with “invisible” threads for communicating across the space, and an unami-themed tasting will be part of this fun and festive installation. Programming throughout this 10 day show is being scheduled. If you want to collaborate, please let us know! Special thanks to Technical Event Company, The City of Charleston Department of Cultural Affairs, and The Post and Courier Foundation for support of this installation.

Mikki Blackman, Fiber Artist
Deborah Donovan-Rice, Fiber Artist
Valerie Wiseman, Mycorocosmos Main Visual Illustrator
Georgie Payne, Mycorocosmos Co-Scriptor
Matt Cohen, Music and Sound Design
Sage Dakota Graham, Bus Stop Artist
Heather Thornton, Bus Stop Artist
Todd St. Onge, Technical Event Company
Rosemary Giusti Dillon, Sculptor, Tua Lingua
Jennifer Murphy, Street Creatures Asheville
Mia Loia, Painter
Katie Petterson, Illustrator
Cara Ernst, James Simons Teacher, Artist & Organizer
Lindsay Huggins, James Simons & Meeting Street Academy Art Teacher
Sharon Beeson, James Simons Teacher
Pamella Gibbs, James Simons Teacher
Jennifer Savage, James Simons Teacher
Rene Souther, James Simons Teacher
Milissa Stooks, James Simons Teacher
Smarel Nicole Brown, Nutritionist & Restaurant Owner
Celie Daily, Botanist
Sebastian DeModica, EP Volunteer
Radia Heyward, Charleston Promise Neighborhood & Steering Committee
Yana King, First African Childhood Development Center
Jimmy Livingston, Mepkin Abbey Farmer
Brian Wheat, Agricultural Expert &
Liz Wuestefeld, John L. Dart Librarian
Elijah Williamson Rose, Mycorocosmos Narration
Stacy Schuur, Biologist & Yoga Facilitator, Mediation Narration
Luna Bui, Mycorocosmos Editor
Nollan O’Reilly, Mycorocosmos Editor
Kasey Sullivan, Two River Gourmet Mushrooms Mycological Advisor
Tradd Cotter, Mushroom Mountain Mycological Advisor
Antonius-Tin Bui, Illustration Assistant
Brennan Hatton, Digital Art Advisor
Amanda Willes, Special Assistant
Victor Zordan, Special Effect Support
Diante Gibbs, St. Julian Devine Community Center Manager

Enough Pie Knitting Circle: Beverly Bruck, Jill Conway, Christine Cronin, Erika Dinermann, Gita Garritano, Kathleen Gunning, Ryann Lyden, Raquel Quiroz, Brenda Shokes and Loquita Williams

Enough Pie: Cathryn Davis, Bennett Jones and Kate Nevin

Redux Contemporary Art Center: Cara Leepson, Greg Colleton and Megan Collier-Bansil

...and many more! Thanks to EVERYONE who made THE FUNGUS AMONG US!